CoolSip Stix 10pc Set White

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Coolsip®, the revolutionary dry-ice capsule is an amazing addition to any beverage. Enjoy Coolsip's®one of a kind fog effect, while sipping on the coolest beverage you've ever tried, without any of the watered down taste of traditional iced drinks. Great for adults and kids alike! Coolsip are dryice swizzle sticks that create a misty fog effect in beverages. By loading Coolsip Stix with a dryice pellet, your beverages become extraordinary and will delight guests of all ages with a fun visual experience.  A sure way to put a smile on a face, CoolSip Stix are the last touch that will increase the allure of the drinks you serve.


CoolSip Stix- 10pc Set (White)


Includes 10 pcs of CoolSip Stix and 10 Straws

-10 White


Dry-ice pellets not included.


"dry ice drinks - dry ice on drinks"

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