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18" Airless Confetti Launcher with Metallic Streamers & Confetti (Custom Colors)


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Revolutionary in the Confetti Industry - No Co2 required!

18" double-sided, pre-loaded, disposable tube filled with Metallic Streamers with Confetti. One of our most favorite special effects! These tubes are filled at both ends, so you get 2 shots per tube with the simple "flick of the wrist." Watch the Metallic Confetti Streamers fly out of the tube 20' to 25' high into the air as over 640 pieces of Metallic Confetti are released from the streamers! The Metallic Streamers and Confetti are made from flame-retardant PVC film.  Just hold the confetti tube high into the air, and with the "flick of the wrist," the Streamers with Confetti will fly out of the tube 25' to 30' high. Turn the tube over, and Flick again. 

If you want Neon "Glow in the Dark" PVC please contact us for pricing.

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Caution: Do not fire confetti launchers loaded with Metallic Streamers outside near any overhead wires for our PVC streamers conduct electricity. If our streamers land on 2 power lines, you run the risk that they may short out the nearest fuse or transformer. If you want to shoot streamers outside, please use our tissue products, which are flame-retardant and biodegradable.


Step 1 - Hold the end of the tube firmly in one hand and extend you arm straight up above your head to the 12 o'clock position.

Step 2 - Bring your forearm back to the 3 o'clock position. In one continuous motion quickly return your arm to the 12 o'clock position while flicking your wrist. Repeat until the entire product is out of the tube. If nothing happens flick harder.

Step 3 - Turn the tube over, hold the empty end and repeat step 2 until the tube is empty.

WARNING - Do not point, flick or fling towards anyone when using.