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9" Happy New Year Swisher Streamers

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Looking for a Unique Upscale New Years Eve Party Favor? 

We've Got It!

Our New Years Eve Confetti Swisher Streamers are 9" Tubes wrapped with HAPPY NEW YEAR and filled with Silver and Gold Metallic Streamers. Hidden inside the tube is a noisemaker. Plus, there are Silver and Gold Metallic Pom-Poms at the end of the tube. This party favor offers 3-in-1-Party Fun!!

Simply "Flick the Tube," and watch the excitement as the Metallic Confetti Streamers fly out of the tube. You can also blow into the tube to hear the noisemaker while you bring in the New Year, and shake the Pom-Poms as you sing Auld Lang Syne!



Step 1 - Hold the end of the tube firmly in one hand and extend you arm straight up above your head to the 12 o'clock position.

Step 2 - Bring your forearm back to the 3 o'clock position. In one continuous motion quickly return your arm to the 12 o'clock position while flicking your wrist. Repeat until the entire product is out of the tube. If nothing happens flick harder.

Step 3 - Turn the tube over, hold the empty end and repeat step 2 until the tube is empty.

WARNING - Do not point, flick or fling towards anyone when using.