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Do you have Birthday cake Sparklers?


Yes, They are a different style of sparklers that are placed on top of the cake and light with a stick lighter. They last 45 seconds and go up about 1 1/2 feet high. They can also be used as bottle sparklers.


 Can I buy sparklers on your website?


Yes, sparklers can legally be bought online and shipped ground or trucking. This is an easy and convenient way to purchase sparklers, especially if your event is not during the fireworks season.


Is it Safe to put sparklers on birthday cakes?


  Using 8" or 10" sparklers on a cake are okay as long as you only use a few. Sparklers do give off a small amount of non-toxic black residue specks, which may be noticeable on cake frosting if a large number of sparklers were used. If in doubt, hand out sparklers to everyone at the party instead of putting them on the cake.


Can I paint my sparkler to match my party color theme?


 Yes, sparklers are normally gray in color, but can be lightly spray-painted the color of your choice. Choose a Krylon spray paint, and remember to use a light, even coat. Always test a sample of a painted sparkler before the event to avoid unnecessary surprises.


For my Event, I would like to have silver sparklers instead of Gold do you have them available?


 Unfortunately, the chemicals used to manufacture silver sparklers are not allowed under the current federal regulations for sparklers, and therefore silver sparklers are not currently on the market for sale.


What is the most popular size of sparkler for parties or weddings?


 In order to allow enough time for everyone to get their sparkler lit and have them all burning at the same time, the best size is either 20" or 36". Eight inch and 10" are generally too short in duration and can be used for other applications.


Can sparklers be used indoors safely?


 Yes, gold sparklers develop very little smoke or odor, and are entirely appropriate for indoor use, However, colored or crackling sparklers are somewhat smokey and are best used in larger, well-ventilated areas or outdoors. However, keep in mind when indoors or out, to be aware of any nearby people or objects. Always have a bucket with water for disposal once sparklers are finished.


Can i use sparklers where I live?


 Each State has a different set of Laws. To see what the laws are in your state, visit theAmerican Pyrotechnics Association Directory of State Laws. Or, for a quick reference, this map will show you briefly what is legal in your state. (State Map). Besides state laws there can be local restrictions. For this information please contact the local Fire Marshals Office in your area. Make sure to also check that the location that the event is being held at allows sparklers. Customers assume full responsibility and all liabilities for the possession and use of products purchased from Miami Sparklers. All sales are final.


Do you have the VIP Bottle Sparklers?


 Yes, We sell the VIP Bottle Sparklers that can be placed on any bottle. VIP Bottle Sparklers are a great way to add sparks and shine to your event. By using VIP Bottle Sparklers, you offer your event the chance it deserves to impress those attending it.